The standard weight hinge tweaker is a good tool to have but one might want to consider it’s bigger brother, the heavy weight hinge tweaker if you plan on doing alot of doors. Both are of the same quality construction which is well thought out and built to last a long time with the only difference being the metal gauge which you can work with.

I like the handle version as compared to the individual piece, it gives you option in direction in which to bend the hinge!

This tool was the perfect answer to many steel commercial door problems I was having! Doors that were sagging, closing improperly because they were hitting the frames, or because of broken hinge plates inside the door or frame! However, if you work on a lot of doors I suggest ordering the version that has “both” sizes on the tool (one on each end). I absolutely love this tool!

It worked on a door that was touching but there was one door that over laped about 1/4 ” that door does shut now but scrapes. For scraping this tool will fix it.

no more shimming the door hinges. bend out & bend great on commercial hinges. it’s not worth the money unless you do a lot of doors

Please share your experiences with the tools?