How Do I Become a Hinge Tweaker™

Authorized Reseller

Please start by completing the Reseller Registration form. Once your information is received, our Hinge Tweaker distributor support team will contact you. If you would like to speak to someone directly, please contact our customer service team toll-free at 1-866-455-4799. Thank you in advance for becoming a reseller of the Hinge Tweaker™ Tools. Once registered, our service team will email you online access to our dealer pricing & marketing collateral materials.

Do You Work With These Type Of Customers?

Because WE KNOW the following professionals get results from using the Hinge Tweaker™

Colleges & Universities

Nursing Homes

High Schools

Institutional Locksmiths

Facility Maintenance Professionals

General Contractors


Property Managers

When you become a Hinge Tweaker reseller, you join forces with the world’s leading Hinge Tweaker manufacturer.

Features and Benefits

  • Reseller discount program
  • Hinge Tweaker promotional support
  • Marketing & promotional support to help take your Hinge Tweaker sales to the next level
  • Access to outstanding customer service and support.
  • Fast and Reliable Shipping
  • A family of tools that help your customers to solve real-world challenges

Customer Testimonials

Makes door adjustment a snap!  Jeff Powers

My husband is a contractor and uses this often. He says it works great to make adjustments to the doors without using a bunch of tools. He loves it! A true investment in his business.  | Tobye Merrill

This tool was the perfect answer to many steel commercial door problems I was having! Doors that were sagging, closing improperly because they were hitting the frames, or because of broken hinge plates inside the door or frame! However, if you work on a lot of doors I suggest ordering the version that has “both” sizes on the tool (one on each end). I absolutely love this tool!  |  Brian Arellano

The heavy weight hinge tweaker is the tool to have when working on that steel door frame. the construction is well thought out and built to last a long time. I expect to get all my entry doors aligned once and for all.  | Jim

Works Great  | BC

The standard weight hinge tweaker is a good tool to have but one might want to consider it’s bigger brother, the heavy weight hinge tweaker if you plan on doing a lot of doors. Both are of the same quality construction which is well thought out and built to last a long time with the only difference being the metal gauge which you can work with.  | Jim

I like the lever handle version as compared to the individual piece, it gives you the option to move in direction in which to bend the hinge!  | Misc Customer