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The solution was easy…I developed the Hinge Tweaker™ to solve a reoccurring real world problem.



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When you become a Hinge Tweaker™ reseller, you join forces with the world’s leading Hinge Tweaker manufacturer. What does that entail? You’re provided with access to the strength and reliability of the Hinge Tweaker to sell directly to your customers.

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Solving Problems

Being in the architectural door manufacturing industry, we realized there had to be an easier way to realign your doors. That’s when our designers sat down and came up with the Hinge Tweaker™. Because Sometimes, Hinges need tweaking!

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Our Mission

The Hinge Tweaker™ was solely designed to provide a more efficient way to realign hinges on commercial doors. We pride our company on excellent customer service and affordability of this amazing tool. Whether your a prospective customer or future retailer of the Hinge Tweaker™ tools we are here to help!

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Ron Tome – Designer, Inventor

Like other professional grade tools, the Hinge Tweaker Tools were designed to solve a reoccurring problem – “The constant need for door alignment”. The Hinge Tweaker product development was spurred to simplify and improve day-to-day door, frame and hinge alignment in the field. With the advent of the Hinge Tweaker tools you can stop using large crescent wrenches or a pair of vice grips to realign commercial grade door hinges. As everyone in the door and hardware industry knows, using a crescent wrench or a pair of vice grips is not the ideal solution to bend hinge knuckles.