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Sagging Commercial Doors

If you are responsible for maintaining and repairing commercial doors, then you’re aware of how the everyday wear and tear of pedestrian traffic can cause issues with door alignment.   The Hinge Tweaker™ tools are the best solution for realigning those sagging doors.

Customer Service

If you have any general questions please do not hesitate to ask one of our commercial door and hardware professionals. For more self-service information you can visit our Hinge Tweaker™ FAQ page.

Customer Service

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask a question. If you would rather see if your question has been answered before by another customer please visit our FAQ page.

What Were About

The Hinge Tweaker™ tools are bringing door maintenance professionals more value with a simple, well designed and ergonomically friendly tool set . The power of the Hinge Tweaker™ comes from the design of the hinge barrel combined with the “LEVERAGE ARM.”

Dealers We Work With

The Hinge Tweaker™ tools are sold and distributed through the following Authorized Dealers in your region.

Customer Testimonials

This tool was the perfect answer to many steel commercial door problems I was having! Doors that were sagging, closing improperly because they were hitting the frames, or because of broken hinge plates inside the door or frame!